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Upon the separation of Isabela on May 1, 1856, Ilagan became the capital of the province.

On August 4, 1901 the American occupation under the United States-Philippine Commission has enacted the Provincial Government Act 210 that has re-established Isabela and other provinces in the Philippines.

Shortly after Juan de Salcedo conquered Northern Luzon in 1587, Gov. Pablo de Carreon to explore Cagayan Valley as well as to establish missions in towns.

Among the Spanish missionaries who penetrated deeply into the region was P. The town of Bolo was founded by the Dominicans in 1619 in honor of Saint Ferdinand of Castile.

As an agriculture-based city, it produces ample supply of corn, rice, vegetables and legumes.

Fruits like the banana are year-round products especially in the mountainous areas of the city.

On November 13, 1925, Gaffud has approved a resolution filed by all "Municipal Presidents of the Isabela" (the counterpart of the present-day Mayors' League) following a four-day convention.

The resolution called for the erection of a monument in honor of the country's National Hero José Rizal in the old Ilagan public plaza in Barangay Bagumbayan.

Ilagan was the scene of the 1763 revolt in Isabela led by Dabo and Marayag against the collection of tribute, the enforcement of tobacco monopoly committed by the friars during the Spanish occupation.

It is located in Barangay San Felipe along National Highway. Hectares of forest land are strictly protected by authorities like the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), several NGOs and the Local Government Unit.

with a density of 120 inhabitants per square kilometre or 310 inhabitants per square mile.

Ilagan is approximately 96 kilometres (60 mi) from Tuguegarao and 397 kilometres (247 mi) from Metro Manila (linked by a national highway via Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya).

Of the total 1,166.26 km Of all cities in the country, Ilagan ranks as the top producer of corn.In 2017, the city was awarded by the National Competitiveness Council of the Philippines as the 10th Most Competitive City in Government Efficiency and 15th Most Competitive City in Infrastructure nationwide. Ilagan is located on the central portion of the province of Isabela.